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1997 USP 9mm Full Size, too many upgrades to list.
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Here's another heads-up: You MUST push up on the lanyard loop insert to relieve the spring pressure against it before trying to push out the pin. It is a barbell-shaped pin, so that the spring-pressure from the hammer spring on the lanyard loop insert makes the insert lock into the recess on the pin, keeping it from working it's way out. If you just try to knock the pin out, you will damage the lanyard loop insert. There have been several threads by guys wanting to know why their lanyard loop insert pin won't stay in anymore, and that is because they damaged them when removing the pin, by not pushing up on the lanyard loop before pushing the pin out. That pin will EASILY push out with just the tip of a ball-point pen once you push up on the lanyard loop insert. NO PUNCH NEEDED
EXACTLY! Remember this is a plastic frame, the rust can't bond to it. Mine was like that in '99, just cleaned it up with some Hoppe's #9 and am sure to keep it oiled regularly ever since. I've never replaced it or had a problem again.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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