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I just got my first SBR engraving done after a lot of searching for someone who could do it while I waited.
I thought I'd post my experience, so it might help someone else who is looking.

I couldn't find anyone in the north sound that could do SBR engraving, without mailing it off to someone else.
Mister T's engraving in Mount Vernon said they had done firearms before, so I stopped by. The lady was very helpful and even engraved my data on a test piece of metal to show me the size and depth, but they couldn't engrave where I wanted (in the stock groove) because their engraver didn't fit. I was not a laser. The test engraving didn't look deep enough either. She didn't charge me a cent.

I stumbled on a couple posts with comments about "Trevor" doing a great job south of Seattle. They were years old, but had a phone number, so I called.

Trevor's company is Hyperion Precision, LLC in Kent, WA. 253-470-8197

Since is was 2+15 hours from where I live, I called ahead. Trevor answered all my questions and told me a bit about laser engraving too. He also said his turnaround was typically about a day if I wanted to mail him my receiver instead of driving down. I was impressed and decided to drive down.

Hyperion shares space with C.A.R. Firearms in a business park and Google made it easy to find.
Trevor was waiting when I showed up. He took my engraving info, set up my receiver on the laser, had me take a look to make sure I was happy with where it was positioned, had me re-verify the engraving text, and started the laser, which only took a minute or two to do the engraving. I don't think I was in the shop for 15 minutes and that included chatting with Trevor about where to get gas and lunch. It was $40 + tax. ($44)

The engraving turned out great and I would do it again.

My only complaint was spending 4+30 in the car!

Edit: At the time of this post, Trevor is there Tue-Fri 4:40-6:00 pm and Sat 9:00 am -2:00 pm. I'd call to verify hours!
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