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I'd like to get some scammer's address. Instead of sending them a check, I’d head down to the local city library and peruse the magazine section looking for those annoying subscription inserts inside all those magazines & periodicals. The ones that will graciously send you a subscription with your promise of sending them payment later; while they share your address with every known spam-based company that will bombard their mailbox so full of crap, one would have to change their name and move without leaving a forwarding address to escape from the ensuing avalanche of perpetual junk mail. Collect as many as you can find; be sincere and focus on what the scammer’s reading interests may be (heh-heh). Fill them out and check off the 'Bill Me Later' for a year’s subscription; dropping them off in public mailboxes around the city or across the country in your travels over the next few weeks or months…

Of course the above guidance is ‘for entertainment use only’ and should not be taken seriously or used while intoxicated, etc. (disclaimer here as necessary).
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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