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Short Fingers a Curse

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Tonight I was handling several of my 45's and admittedly the one that felt the best and more natural was the XSE Commander followed by the SW1911SC. I love my USP-C 45 but when I put my hand around it, the index finger and thumb just barely meet. Short fingers and wider pistol grips are a curse. Wide to me, that is. It's no real problem but there is a definite difference it the way it feels over the 1911 grip. I can live with it if for no other reason I don't have to tweak or try different magazine/spring/follower combinations to get it to run. It's perfect as is right out of the box and the various rounds I've tried in it from first rack to last one in the magazine fired, it's as slick as Clinton. You can't argue with that. I wish the USP-C was just a little smaller in the grip but I know there's guys that have thumbs as long as my index finger and it's perfect for them.
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I hear ya, this is why I started modifying my USP 9, I had it several years before I realized I was rolling my hand forward to reach the trigger. Not a problem with the match trigger for me.
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