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Shotgun Identification Help................H&K marked Benelli?

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I know this is an H&K Forum, but I have a Benelli shotgun with H&K markings

I believe what I have is a Benelli Montefeltro Super 90 12G shotgun

However, the H&K markings throw me off

I have two barrels, with AT (1988) and AZ (1990) date codes............I do not know which came with the shotgun originally

I'd love to find a serial number breakdown for the receiver

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Welcome to the site--- as SudS stated, HK (Chantilly) imported Benelli shotguns from @ 1987-1989, and HK (Sterling) imported them @ 1989-1992--- as you are familiar with Italian date codes, locate the 2-letter date code on the receiver to determine which barrel is "more" original to the shotgun!!! :biggrin:

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