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I have an older (2004) P2K 40, that has been my carry gun for many years. I've easily put 2-3k rds through it without flaw. On my last trip to shoot, I started having Fail to feeds. I switched mags, still was having one or two / mag. Switched ammo, still happened.

I really am attached to this gun, but I switched my EDC till I figure this out. Not being particularly mechanical - certainly not even an a mature gunsmith I'm stymied. I don't think the gun has had more than 4 k rounds through it , but it could be more.

Should / could I send this in to HK for service ? Would they fix it, even though I bought it used 10 yrs ago? Is there anything else recommended ? This is by far my favorite carry pistol. I would hate to lose confidence in it permenantly.

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