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Should i go for a retractable stock

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Hi Gang
I have a G3 clone , a sporter in 308 . Every part with a G3 is interchangeable. It has a fixed stock and i am thinking to go for a retractable stock . But some fellas tell me its not a good thought as the retractable stock is not comfortable . Even a cheek weld is a problem . Is it true ? .

I am not fond of wasting ammo and i wish each of my bullet to hit the target at range , so cheek weld is an important thing for me .

The collective wisdom of the forum is requested to guide me as to should i go ahead with retractable stockor not

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I'll be the odd one out and say it isn't as bad as folks make it out to be. No its not as comfortable on your shoulder, but it isn't killer. The cheek weld is harder to return to consistently, but its not like there isn't one. If you have the money you should get one, you might not use it much, but its nice to have the option.
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