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Should I oil the barrel of my ptr 91 gi?

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A newbie question - should I oil the barrel of the ptr 91 gi? I usually put a couple drops of m-pro 7 gun oil down the barrel (after cleaning with gun cleaner), then push through an oiled cleaning patch, and then a dry patch. Pretty much the same thing as with my P30L. The dry patch has a little bit of green oil on it after I push it through, but it is not covered in it. Did I do this right, or not? These are my first guns and my knowledge is very limited, so go easy on me :)

By the way, I tried using the search and only found information about lightly oiling parts (barrel not mentioned specifically) and the barrel issues of the earlier series. Information from other sources noted that some rifles need to be oiled and some do not...
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The last swab/patch should have a few drops of quality gun oil on it. Never a bad idea for any metal surface to be finish treated with a barrier against corrosion. I even go over my stainless revolvers (bore and exterior) with oil before they go into the safe.
Sounds like you need some copper solvent run through that bore.. and yes I then use Breakfree or synthetic motor oil afterwards to protect the bore in storage..
If you put gun oil in the barrel, do you then run a dry patch before shooting? The explanation I have seen for the USP is that if you do not, the oil will cause excessive pressures and possibly damage the barrel.
It's always a good idea to run a clean patch through after letting a gun sit for awhile AND you have hosed it down with some kind of oil. However will it blow an HK barrel? I think kinda unlikely. For piece of mind, run a clean patch through before firing.
It's also a good idea to always inspect a stored or fielded bore before shooting.. things like spiders can and have crawled in and built a sturdy web with a few victims packed in. Would hate to be behind the gun firing the first round. Better safe than sorry
Cool, thanks for the information :)
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