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Should it be so hard to find at P9S in .45cal?

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After buying, shooting, LOVING a P7 and P9S(9mm), I have been earnestly looking for a P9S in .45cal.

Leads on Gunbroker have proven unsuccessful, the guns are either "way" overpriced or I just found one that the gun was being sold without a matching barrel(and misrepresented by the seller).

Has anyone else had similar problems with Gunbroker or other sites?

Thanks for your input.....

Dana in Olympia, WA
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You just have to be real patient. It took me 2 years to find a LNIB P9S 45ACP on Gunbroker. Complete with original box, test target, manual, etc. It looked unfired. Set up a saved search and wait. One will come along. Now to find the same thing, but in 9mm.
I agree and recommend that you search this site and GB often and have the money ready to purchase when you find a good deal. Quite often the way overpriced options you see on GB are being sold by a couple of the same guys who jump on the good deals quickly and then repost them later at much higher prices. The secret is to be capable of beating them to the punch.
Good luck with your search. The P9S is the most accurate and smoothest shooting "out of the box" pistol I have ever shot and especially good when used as a suppressed weapon.
From what I gather about the .45's, the reason they are so pricy is they are indeed very rare. Put LNIB on top of that and yeah, big money :)

PM sent about LNIB P9S 9mm. ;)
Also challenging is finding excellent condition spare mags. When the do come available, they usually go for $125 or more.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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