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Should trade?

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Man,....I have a excellent condition 229R CPO and and excellent condition G19 with night sights and a ton of extras. Im thinking about through it all in the bag to come up on a P30 or HK45. The lowest price here is $999 for the P30 and $1099 for the HK45. If I trade that will leave me with a P2K in .357 sig and a USPf 45. What would you guys do? The P30 and HK45 both were awesome.

Thanks in advance,

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dont know much about the two pistols you mentioned but if was chosing i woould go with the hk45
Do it, You only live once!
Where do you live? Those prices are ridiculous!!! I picked up both my P30 and HK45 for over $250 less then the prices you listed for each gun.

The P30 and Hk45 are both great guns and worth trading your listed guns for. You may also want to trade your USP 45 as you won't be using it after you get the HK45 :D.

I am in Nashville. Looks like im gonna have to buy local cuz most online dealers arent going to take my trades and there just isnt enough cash in the budget right now to get them outright even at a good price like $800-$900.

The only one i think I would really miss is the G19. I may try to wait it out, but man those both those guns felt great in my hand.

My HK45 isn't here yet but I gotta say I love that P30. I would trade a G19 for one anyday.
I think its a bad idea to give up guns period!

Save up some cash and buy one or both.
Prices for HKs in my area are high too, but thats because not many shops sell them and they are harder to get. Price on the P30 was listed as $980 locally.
go with the HK45. or sell one and add the difference.
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