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sig 556 vs hk93

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I'm almost hesitant to post this on here. But let the flames start as they may.

I've been an avid hk93 owner for almost 30 years.... (I use that as a qualifier). I've owned maybe half a dozen, still own my first one, an HK dated example. But, about 45 days ago I acquired a Sig 556. I threw a scope on it before taking it to the range... Crappy furniture, wabbly at best, but I have to say... Great rifle! 1:7 twist, was moa with 62 gr. match out of the box. The trigger is nearly match grade. That is a big "humph" for the $300 I paid way back when for the PSG group. I can't wait to get some decent furniture for it. Better than any of the plastic rifles I've seen HK come out with in recent years...

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