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Sights for stainless

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So, I need to put night sights on my stainless compact, but I have got a question. The gun has factory white three dots now, and I'm having some trouble picking up the sights. The bright stainless slide seems to obscure/distract from the sights. I am wondering if anyone else has had this problem. I'm thinking about putting Novaks on. They sit a little further back, maybe even flush with the slide. They also have a different pattern. Do you think this will help? If the Navaks wont help in any way, I certainly do not want to pay an extra $50 for them.
I could really use some input on this one, so thanks ahead of time.
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So how is a bright Stainless slide going to be bright at night? It's not going to be. If you are shooting in the blazing sun, you may have that problem. I have Novak's on my Combat Competition, but they certainly are not night sights. I would say if you are shooting outside, then you will need to learn how to deal with it, the same reason golfers dont want polished stainless clubs in the bright sun, because of all the glare.
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