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Since I get myself something gun related every Christmas...

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Over the years I've always bought myself a firearms related gift around Christmas, simply because no one in my family not my lovely girlfriend would do such a thing...

Last year it was a P30, this year, something I've wanted but been unwilling to buy for ages.

I picked up a very nice used ZF-1 for 350 used. My problem with expensive scopes has always been the lack of distance shooting I do, being a Philadelphia resident, means I'd always be more inclined to buy another handgun than a nicer scope.

I've wanted this for my PTR-91 for years.. I feel it really completes the rifle. The glass on it is outstanding, as clear as my friend's ACOG, which is the nicest scope I've ever looked through, he too was shocked at the quality.

Took it to an indoor fifty years range to get it sighted in. Which I found to be quite simple, despite not having the 'clicks' I'm used to.

I can't wait to take this thing outside in the next month or so. Someday I'll save my pennies and get the 3rd gen one with the light up reticle. Not that I really need it.

In front of my city living Charlie Brown tree.

It's got a few scratches but purely cosmetic.

50 yards

I love shooting the little fellow off the corner of the B-21 targets.
Starting at 25 to get it on.
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Congratulations on the new glass--- nice rifle, setup, and placement--- get a new GF!!! :biggrin::biggrin:


I got a great one.
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