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SL-8 lower cracking

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I was wondering if I purchase a SL-8 and do the TB conversion and use a G36 lower if anyone has had issues with the lower cracking or is that only a problem on the SL-8 lower?
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alot of g36 rumors are just that, rumors...I been told alot of rumors about melting and cracking this and be honest, there are some very reputable people out there that have actually had some weird experiences, but the issues seem to be more the exception and not the norm so take alot of those stories with a grain of salt. There are many people out there who have had problem free experiences with their sl8/g36 guns...and i also want to note that many or the problems I have heard about relate more to the aftermarket parts used to make the conversions or are related to full auto operation of the actual g36.
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