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Hi Everyone.

I did some research here at the forums about converting the SL8-6 to G36 clone, however, the was so much info that I could sort them all out. (By the way, complements to all those who successfully converted to the G36....WOW!) So, I apologize if this is a repeat newbie question.

I understand that doing this mod would require me to comply to 922r, by adding additional US parts. But for starters, I wanted replace the stock to a G36 stock and add the pistol grip and I plan on ordering my parts from the wonderful people at HDPS. My question is, would the rifle be fully functional with the minimal mods or would I still need to get something additional to make it work?

Any help/answers would be greatly appreciated.

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Foremost, if you have Ed do your conversion (or purchase one already converted by him) chances are it wil already be fully compliant as it comes. Best to double check with him just to make sure.

I did a ton of research on this subject. Short of verification from the ATF, my findings (from studying the parts list in the SL8 manual and various websites) have been the import part count for the SL8 to be 15...

1) Receiver
2) Barrel
3) Bolt
4) Bolt carrier
5) Operting rod
6) Gas piston
7) Trigger
8) Hammer
9) Sear
10) Disconnector
11) Buttstock
12) Forearm
13) Mag body
14) Follower
15) Floorplate

When you add (let's use the HDPS block for the example) the stock block, that in itself does NOT count as a U.S. compliance part... the actual stock does.

1) Remove the SL8 factory thumbhole buttstock (-1 part = 14)
2) Add the HDPS stock block (+/-0 = 14 parts)
3) Add a genuine HK stock (+1 part = 15)
4) Add a genuine HK pistol grip (+1 part = 16)
5) Add a U.S. bolt (-1 part = 15)
6) Add a U.S. made gas piston (-1 part = 14)
7) Add a U.S. made operating rod (piston rod) (-1 part = 13)
8) Add a U.S. made trigger (-1 part = 12)
9) Add a genuine HK G36 magwell (+/-0 = 12)
10) Sub the SL8 mag with a genuine HK G36 mag (+/-0 = 12)
11) Add a U.S. made follower (-1 part = 11)
12) Add a U.S. made floorplate (-1 part = 10)


That's pretty much what I did with mine however I did the conversion myself. There's a local company here in Michigan that mfg's all the compliance parts needed so I decided to do it myself.

NOTE: when I purchased my G36 S-E-2-F pistol grip, it already came converted to semi-auto... I noticed the "disconnector" was pulled. So in theory, my parts count is actually 9.

Hope that helps. Hit me up if you have any questions as I would be glad to help.

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PM sent.
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