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For a railed forearm, you can get the G36 forearm with the rail mounting points and they buy the bottom and side rails like this:

G36 Handguard, SL8 Handguard, G36 Forearm, Sl8 Forearm - HKPARTS.NET
SL8 & G36 Complete Rail Set Aftermarket - HKPARTS.NET

For the pistol grip and stock, it's tough to say without pictures, but it sounds like you may have the HERA block if you are able to use AR components. Is this what you have?

Hera GmbH Splash Page

That one isn't that common but looking at it, you should be able to use any AR standard pistol grip and buttstock. For the stock, you need to know if the tube is commercial or milspec, though.

For buying SL8 accessories, you can start with HKParts:

Heckler and Koch: HK G36, HK G36K, HK G36C, HK SL8

HTH and welcome to the forums.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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