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SL8/G36 barrel swapping

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How difficult is it to swap barrels in a G36? Is it similar to an AR where the barrel can be changed a million times without damaging the reciever? Or is it a tedious process with a risk of damaging the reciever?

I just purchased an SL8 and I'm undecided on which variant I'd like to have. If it's not a huge issue to swap barrels then I won't give it much thought and I'll just buy a few different front ends.

Thanks in advance
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Congrats on finding one! What Alex is referring to is also mentioned by Ed on his website


ATTENTION, before you send a SL8 for conversion in, please read this information:

1- If you are seeking any conversion that involves removing the barrel from your SL8 receiver, be aware that the last batch (2010) and forward of HK SL8-6 receivers that also have the serial number engraved in the barrel (left side under hand guard) will require an extra service fee of $95 for this barrel removal. Even using the proper Hk tools (Mandrel and Barrel Nut Removal Tool) to remove the barrel nut sometimes is very hard because Hk used Red Loctite by mistake on Barrel nut/trunion threads turning the necessary torque to remove the barrel nut way beyond from Hk own specifications for torque per HK G36 Armorer's Manual. Also, the barrel will need to be pressed out from polymer receiver.
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