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Hello, I am having a minor problem with my SL8-6. The mags are not tripping the bolt catch on the last round. When I pull the charging handle back after the last round, with the empty mag still in place, to see if the bolt catch is tripped, the bolt just goes home. It does this with all seven (7) magazines. The strange thing is if I pull the empty mag out, push down on the follower, reinsert the empty mag and rack the charging handle the bolt locks back. The bolt catch button does work by the way. At first I thought the ammo wasn't cycling the weapon all the way (pushing the bolt back far enough), so I put in some LC M193 and then LC M855 with the same results. So it definitely looks like a mag problem, but with all seven (7), most being brand new, is just weird, so I am asking for some second opinions. Even though its a minor problem it just bugs the **** outa me.

Thank you for your time
Shawn Y

Semper Fi
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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