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I was on a waitlist for a sp5 for a while no and really wanted one so I went on gb and paid almost 4k for mine. Literally a week later gun store called and they had just got one and at a lower price than any msrp I've seen anywhere so I bought it trying to bring my avg price down. Around 3 weeks later they called me back asking if I was interested in another one and thats how I now have 3 sp5s. These two are NIB, Ive only ever shot the 1st one I bought that im keeping for myself. Both sn# are in the 10,xxx and have manufacturing dates of 04/21 and 03/21.

I'm located in Austin area of Texas and will only sell them locally f2f. Asking $3100 for a quick sale. Prefer zelle but will also take cash.

Edit: by the way I called over 20 gun stores to be able to get on a List, the store I bought it from didnt even have a list. I left my number with a worker so he could ask his manager if I could be on a waitlist. So no guarantee that you can go to the same place and get on a waitlist. I can mention the name after theyre sold as the store took care of me and didnt even mark the price up when most places did.

2nd edit: SPF

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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