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(Sold) Black HK Euro Case (Price drop - Now $150))

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I have a black HK Euro Case. (Price reduced - see most recent post for current price) It appears to be in like new condition. It comes with one key. The case will accommodate full size USP pistols up to and including the MARK 23.

I'm asking $350.00 (includes shipping from France) or will consider trading for a like new MARK 23 camo case with all the pouches.

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Friday bump :cool:
Here's your chance to get a euro case in great condition!
Price reduced: Now asking $325 (includes shipping from France). Or will trade for camo case.
2nd Price drop: Now asking $300 (includes shipping from France). These become available from time to time here in Europe. I've sold a few others here on HKPRO (before they changed the feedback system) and can provide references from other HKPRO members if needed.
bump. Remember price includes shipping (with a tracking number) from France (approx. a $40 cost)
Price reduced to $275.
Price now $150 shipped.
Sold. Thank you HKPRO!
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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