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SOLD- HK P7, Robar Black Matte & NP3+ Internals -$1,950.00 OBO, with insured UPS shipping to your FFL.

For sale is a 1983 P7, “Lower Saxony” German LE, in numbered box, ungraded.

I bought this in 2010 as above, and invested in refinishing, night sights, and below accessories. Now, this beautiful and extremely accurate shooter is up for sale.

The package includes the following;

H&K P7 w/ Robar "Black Matte" exterior, NP3+ internals, Trijicon tritium night sights, two refinished mags in numbered H&K Box.
H&K P7 barrel scraper
H&K P7 gas port brush
H&K P7 firing pin take-down tool
H&K P7 manual
1 additional NOS mag
Nill Griffe Walnut "HK Rhomula" Checkered grips
Orignal black plastic grips
Kramer custom Horsehide IWB #3 LEFT HAND (Inside Waistband Holster IWB)
Kramer Horsehide single mag belt pouch (Magazine - Mag Pouches & Gun Accessories for Sale | Kramer Handgun Leather)
1 H&K Webshop H&K gun rug
1 Generic gun lock
H&K sticker


Also included is an itemized sheet of what I have in this weapon with accessories, as well as my firing log. If you think you want a P7 and are going to outfit it yourself, this is what it will cost. I'm barely making a profit with this, but more importantly, I'm gun heavy at the moment, and need to let someone else enjoy it instead of being in my safe. It isn't new, but it doesn't know it by how it shoots and looks.

PayPal accepted, but much prefer cashier's check from major bank.

I will not sell anything individually. Please, no low-balling- I won't even reply. You will not be disappointed in this example of the P7.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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