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SOLD: HK 45C, 45 USPC magazines - Like new condition!

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I've got three (3) HK 45C magazines for sale. I've got one, 8 round with a flush fit magazine base and two, 10 round (elephant foot) magazines for sale.

All of them are in like new condition. Hardly used, maybe one or two range trips?

I'd like $115.00 for all three of them.

I can do Google Wallet (if you have Gmail, you can send a wallet payment), PayPal Gift or I can also do a Chase Quick Pay.

If you are interested, please shoot me a direct PM, sometimes I forget to check threads!


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I will buy them. PM me you paypal information.
These are still for sale, pikebruin has welched on his commitment to buying them after I've waited two days for payment.


These are now sold to "azimuth"! Thanks for the fast payment brother! I will have the tracking number for you in 20 minutes or so, we have a 24/7 shipping center on campus.

Now that's how a deal should go! Fast and smooth! ;)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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