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I'm selling my HK45c. I just don't shoot 45 enough to justify it. The gun has a Gray Guns trigger job with their reduced-reset package. The trigger is exceptional, no perceptible over-travel and a short reset. Best HK trigger I've had on any HK I've owned. It also has GGI installed Heinie Straight Eight night sights. I got the gun second hand and confirmed the trigger job withTyrell Humphreys of GGI. It comes with the original box and papers, fired case, manual, spare o-rings, a medium and small back strap, a light TRS, the spare floor plate and a IWB holster. It is currently configured with the 5+6 plate that makes the gun single action with safety without a de-cock function. I'll be happy to answer any questions anyone has, just PM or email me. The gun is in excellent condition, looks almost new, low round count.

I have excellent feedback on under the same username.

Price is $1050 shipped from my FFL to yours. I accept Paypal (you pay fees of course) or a USPS money order.

Thanks for looking, Don't miss out on a real deal GGI HK!

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