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SOLD: Mark 23, KH date code, with original HK case

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Grail Alert: HK Mark 23 for sale, KH date code. Original HK Woodland Case with it.

Bought her Like new, still is like new(I am the second owner). I've literally put one mag down the tube since I bought it. less than 100 rounds from the factory. Maritime Finish is immaculate, added a thread protector from HK Parts. Comes with 2 factory 10 round mags.


Trade Possibilities + cash:
HK VP9 FDE or Grey
Sig Legion
Sig M11

Thank you for your interest!
Medical bag Camouflage Suitcase

Medical bag

Firearm Gun Trigger Airsoft Everyday carry

Bumper Auto part

Firearm Gun Trigger Airsoft Airsoft gun

Room Metal Rectangle Beige Webbing
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Sold Pending Funds
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