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Sorry for forgetting to put price in my last ad. I'll try again, this time with price info:

Price for each 5-pack: $250 + shipping

I have many of these for sale, so please specify how many 5 packs you want.

These are factory new (NOS) 5 packs of 15 round 9mm magazines for the MP5 HK94. They are original German mags made by HK and not cheap knock-offs. The mags are all in excellent unused / NOS condition and still oily. Packed in factory wax paper on packs of 5. Some packs have rips from storage.

Various date codes, but I will not open packages looking for specific codes.

All mags are pre-ban. Price is per 5-pack. At this stage I am not selling individual magazines.

Shipping costs will vary depending on how many mags you buy. One pack will fit in a small Flat Rate Box ($7.99) and more than that goes into a Medium Flat Rate Box (13.99). Paypal (no extra charge) is preferred as it makes shipping easier. But I also accept money order or cashier checks.

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I'll take one pack. PM to follow. I'll post the date code I get in my 5 pack in case others want to trade among specific date codes. I'm looking for a KA date coded one. // PM Sent requesting PP info.
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