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All items in excellent, barely used condition. Checks, money orders or Paypal are all fine. Please post “I’ll take it” in the forum and email me at [email protected].

1. HK USP 9mm 18-round jet funnel mags, HK part # 215124S UPC 642230249486. Price: $35 each shipped or $100 for all three.

2. HK USP 9mm or .40 Jet Funnel Kit, HK part # 216189, UPC 642230166141.
Price: $45 shipped.

Note: I did not use the pin that came with the jet funnel kit, so it's new. The standard lanyard loop insert pin that's already in the pistol works fine, and I used that for the brief time I had the jet funnel installed.

If you want all three mags and the jet funnel kit, I’ll sell for $130 shipped.

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