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*** SOLD to MushroomPrint **** WTS - Right Handed Stronghold Convertible - Leather IWB/OWB Holster - Black - HK P7 PSP
for 1.5" belt loops

$90 shipped

Stronghold Convertible P7 PSP pictures by HKMattducati - Photobucket

This holster arrived on Friday and is a nice snug fit for the HK P7 PSP.
Brand New - Never worn
Can be used as OWB or IWB. Great holster.

PM me or email me at [email protected] if interested. The first "I'll Take it" gets it.
I will ship the holster to you via USPS.
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reduced price to $90 shipped.

I have $140 in the holster but sold my P7.

send me a PM if interested.
Good thing you just got that P7M13, cuse I'm getting all your leftover P7 stuff!
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