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---- TT Gunleather Reinforced Mouth Sharkskin IWB Holster & Sharkskin Magazine Holder

- This is an amazing custom holster. It sits lower inside the pants than a Milt Sparks, and IMO is just as high of quality. My pics don't do it any justice...check out TT Gunleather's website for better pics.
- 1.5" Belt loops
- There is approximately 1/8" to 1/4" clearance above the stock front sight (measured 0.180" tall), so tall front sights should be ok
- The holster is for the right hand (3-4 o'clock), and the mag holder is meant to be worn on the left side (bullets pointing forward, 6-9 o'clock)
- This can be used for either an LEM gun, or a variant with the safety/decocking lever. The leather has a contour for the safety lever if needed.
- Basically, I holstered my HK45C a few dozen times in the holster to help break it in, but it has NEVER been worn. This is as close to brand-spankin' new as you can get!
- Holster purchased for $150 with sharkskin upgrade
- Magazine holder purchased for $75 with sharkskin upgrade
- There is a 8-10 week wait time for these holsters; I waited 10 weeks to receive mine. (This factors in to the price I'm asking)


HK45C_003.jpg HK45C_004.jpg HK45C_005.jpg
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