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2019 7
P7 PSP marked slide, commercial model, KH date code, Sterling import, 99%; appears unfired. I have never racked the slide nor engaged the cocker. Comes with cardboard original box, 2 mags, scraper, brush. These were the last of the commercial PSPs made. The rarity is due to the uniqueness of the slide markings "PSP". 1 of approximately 500 made.
Price: $2950.00 OBO. Shipping via FFL to FFL. Will do face-to-face, too, in Central Florida with FL D/L and CCW.

I'd be interested in an HK Tactical .45 and $ as a trade or possibly other HK weapons and $; pistols or long guns included.

Gun Firearm Trigger Starting pistol Airsoft gun
Gun Firearm Trigger Starting pistol Airsoft gun

I have talked to a very knowledgeable P7 aficionado. It appears my PSP has been fired (even if
just a mag's worth) and also that the cardboard box is not the proper container in that it should be
a numbers-matching plastic box.

With that said, I am reducing the price to $2500.00 obo with same traders as above considered as partial-payment.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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