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SP-89 just got a 3 lug add on

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If any of you want your SP-89 or MP-5K SBR 3 lugged send me a email to [email protected] for a shot of mine.

S&H aka Curtis Higgins will do it on the original barrel for about $250. and 4 weeks turnaround time .

Great job just want to share the news.

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Nick Hope charges $150 to add a 3 lug on the SP89. Last I checked it included the adapter.

He did a beautiful job on my 94 many years ago. He remarked, engraved, paddle mag (including parts), 3 lug (including parts), and refinished for $350 shipped with a 2 week turnaround. At the time S&H and Urbach wanted $1200-1400 but had a turnaround of 4-9 months.

Doesn't the barrel of a SP89 right at the front sight base, just like on a MP5K? I have glanced at a SP89 before but never looked inside the end of finger guard over the muzzle. If the barrel ends flush at the front sight base, there is no barrel to thread?
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