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I am torn between this and a top notch built gun

What do you think of the SP5K now that it is in you hands?

How is it as a sear host/SBR?

How much did you spend on the pistol?
Did you even read any of the numerous other threads? Have you ever heard of the "search" function? Are you going to start a new thread titled, "Tell us Your HK Experience"?

There, I was officially obligated to ask those question. Now that I have the legal stuff out of the way...

It's a great gun
Works great as a sear host. Only required about one hour of modification, and a POF carrier that I already had.
$2250 at the local Cabela's

In reference to MajorTron's post (from another thread you should have already read, per initial statements above), if you really want a PDW version... there are probably cheaper ways to get that. And since you will barely end up with a German gun if you do that, what's the point. Sure, you'll have a German receiver build, which is great, but the purests out there might not appreciate it's modified pedigree.

Even if you just want to SBR it, you still have to change out several parts to US made. Not a biggie, I guess, if you can keep the German stuff around.

Myself, I just modified the POF carrier and the grip I use my sear in. So the gun is still in its virgin state. And will probably stay that way. I have two Coharie clones that have the paddle mag release and three lug barrel for my suppressor. They are my "shooters". This one will just be for special use/events.

But the key here is that it runs better than anything else I've got. And I've got a lot of stuff, even HK stuff. It is, and I'm talking about full auto here, absolutely fantastic. In fact... if they get cheaper, I'll probably buy another one.
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