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I crossed this bridge a few weeks ago.

This is from my previous post about this:

I really thought about it...a lot

I looked at the SP5K, which is at that $2500 price point, but there are a few things that turned me off to the SP5K and drove me towards contracting PCS for a custom build:

1.) If I choose to go Full-Auto later, I wouldn't be able to do that with the SP5K w/o some type of modification (I've heard various reports that the F/A bolt carriers won't work properly without "some modification"; Extra metal parts in the receiver to prevent the F/A sear; or a "pin" located around the rear sight inside the receiver.
2.) The barrel of the SP5K is 4.53" (no 3-lug) & Honestly, that 3-lug barrel helps give the MP5 that iconic look; My custom order will have the 3-lug MP5K-N barrel (5.5"; threaded; 1/2x28)
3.) I want to have the paddle magazine release
4.) F/A sear ready

It would've cost me the base $2500-$2700 (plus tax) for the new SP5K; another +$500-$700 for ALL the parts I would want on it (if not more; MP5K-N [threaded;1/2x28] barrel required); I would have to pay a gunsmith with HK & MP5/MP5K experience and reputation another few hundred dollars for the all the work and to re-finish it. I've seen prices range from $1100-$1750

*************(Pricing from a well know Vendor)********************
Services/Prices for Converting SP5K to MP5K or MP5K-N

RCM 3 Lug MP5K Barrel with MP5K-N Style Threaded Muzzle $190 (available with 1/2 x 28 or 1/2 x 32 threads)

Labor to Replace Barrel $445

Paddle Mag Install $195

Paddle Mag Lever and Contact Piece $110 (Factory New Hk Parts, you may provide your own parts as well)

Refinish Upper Receiver and Barrel Assembly $175

TOTAL: $1115 (plus the cost of the SP5K)

************************************************** *************

After the base price of the new SP5K and all the other work, I'd be well over $3K; And after ALL that work, HK would NEVER honor any warranty or do ANY service if I had issues.

My custom build includes ALL the parts I want; NO additional modifications required if I purchase F/A sear; tested with a F/A sear; the actual gunsmith that built my pistol will work on my pistol if there are ANY problems

My pistol will be built EXACTLY how I would like it, with considerations to what I want to do in the future, NOT what I "could" do with some extra work.

Also, I can directly call the person making the pistol, which wouldn't have been an added to this list, but he and I needed to talk last night about some questions he had because he wanted the pistol to be "perfect".

Yes, it IS a large investment, but after it's all said and done I will have my dream build the exact way I would like to have it w/o the need for extra time, parts, and money down the road.
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