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I just received one of these in the mail yesterday:

Figured I'd have it on the shelf in case HKparts does go under. Let me tell you, the trigger pull is simply dreadful. It has two very tactile clicks that happen during travel. Neither my SP5k factory pack, nor my PTR91 feels like that. On the one hand, it seems to work, so it accomplishes what I set out to get. (5 922r parts in a drop-in package) On the other hand, I feel like I've done a disservice to my most expensive gun to have a crappy trigger. Is there someone that can adjust these triggers, without replacing parts? Could this be a one-off problem, and I just need to exchange it?
I spoke to Adam some time back about this item and if I recall correctly, the unit was for MP5K and SP89, but was not a direct fit / drop in for the SP5K. HK Parts was working on a compatible US made pack for the SP5K, but it was not yet ready to go. Also, once the SP5K pack,hits the street, I'm not sure if it's going to be a "4 part" or a "5 part" US 922r pack.

Anyway, that might be the source of some of your issues. Do you have to modify anything to get it installed, because there's been some discussion that there are some slight internal differences between SP5K and the older pistols.
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