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Recently I purchased a SP5K/SP89 forearm from @TooSixy that's relived for a 3-lug or threaded barrel (longer than original barrel). You can see it in the pictures here:

I also want to add a HK pulse beam laser (which attaches to the cocking tube) but it occurs to me the new forearm is not relied properly for a laser. You can see the difference in the pics below (the properly relieved forearm is not relieved for an extended barrel).

So to make the foregrip work with BOTH a laser and a 3-lug barrel, looks like I need to send it to @tbostic (the one already relieved for the 3-lug) and have Mr Bostic relieve it further to accommodate the HK pulse laser (I'm too incompetent to do it myself). Does that seem reasonable? Has no one run into this issue before?
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