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SP89 Value

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Noob here on the board with what I'm sure is a fairly common question. I did do a search of the boards and on the internets but I'm still needing a little help.

My HK inventory consists of a USP45 and a SP89. Love 'em both. The 89 is a safe queen as I've only shot it once and only put maybe 2 clips through it. I bought it "used" but it appeared to be unfired. Import code on it is "IK". I have no accessories for it except for the 15 round mag and 2 30 round mags. Thinking about selling it and was wondering what would be a reasonable price for it. I've looked on gunbroker and gunsamerica and a few other sites but the prices seem to go between 3 and 9k. I apologize if I posted this in the wrong place and would appreciate any help. Thank you and Happy 4th!
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Just a friendly heads up, this thread may get deleted because there is a 30 post minimum 'rule' before selling. I'm not accusing you necessarily of anything, but this is a common method for circumventing the rules. This type of post will generate unsolicited personal messages from members wanting to acquire your weapon - thus circumventing the WTS process. If you want to sell these items on this forum immediately, just purchase a Premium Membership, it's worth it.
Unless you are doing some type of horsetrading with a local gun shop, the marketplace here is where you would likely get top dollar. There are 34000 guys (gals too) here that eat sleep and breathe HK's. A LGS would likely only give you $3000 for your SP89 and try and sell it for $4K to $5K. Here, you could get $4000 with some nice photos. Selling is easier than you might think. You don't ship your gun until you receive certified funds. After you determine it is legal in their state (FFL wouldn't even transfer it otherwise), ship it on their dime to their FFL. Even a cheapskate would spend $30 on a membership to keep from losing $1000 :wink: Or just hang around long enough to amass 30 quality posts and save $30.

And welcome to the forum!
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