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Looks like business is rolling again for HK.

The Oberndorfer based Heckler & Koch Group has won the international tender of the Spanish Army for the introduction of a new, light machine gun with the MG4 E in calibre 5.56 mm x 45. In accordance with the tender the Spanish Army states a requirement of a minimum of 1800 light machine guns, distributed in a period of four years.

Decisive for the decision for introducing the MG4 E, was the fulfilment of the high requirements of the Spanish MoD which included intensive test and appraisal procedures. With the MG4 E Heckler & Koch has set off itself more than clearly from its competitors.

This success for Heckler & Koch is anther proof for its consistent product philosophy – to supply only the best products to accommodate highest requirements in terms of performance, quality and safety standards.
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