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Spare parts to store for HK45?

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I have the full size HK45 and was wondering if there are any recommended parts to put away in case something breaks? I do this for my 1911, mostly just springs but I think you all should get what I am asking.

Not that I have had any issue with mine so far.
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Evidently you should keep a spare Extractor since they are so fragile. lol :2300000:

Extractor spring


hammer spring retaining pin.

maybe spare sights and mag springs.

If you're on the high end of a round count a recoil spring might not be a bad thing to have around either.
For me it's just magazines. They don't need tinkering and parts are readily available when needed.
The odds are that if you need a spare part, HK USA and will be out of stock on the part you need (at least that is the way things go in my life). I keep extra recoil spring assemblies, magazine springs, etc... on hand. The cost of spare parts does add up. :)
Just weigh the benefit vs. loss if you have down time with you weapon. I don't like to have down time even though I have lots of other choices to carry. Also, I have lots of classes scheduled this summer that if something breaks down, all I need is a hammer, punch, a spare parts bag and a few minutes. The other option is having a backup which is a great idea, but not always feasible.
Mag springs, followers and a spare trigger return spring are good to keep on hand for the first 10K rounds. The TRS can go a lot longer, but its a cheap insurance to replace it every 10K. As it approaches 20-25K, I'd start lining up a complete recoil assembly, a hammer strut and every spring I could get my hands on, including another trigger return spring, a sear/flat spring, firing pin return spring, firing pin block spring, extractor spring and trigger bar detent spring. Some of these parts work in other models such as the P30, so grab one of those as well.
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