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special weapons barrel

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I tried the search but can't find a straight answer. I'm building a mp5 clone out of a mix of us and German parts, but mostly us. I have a 16 in sw fluted barrel. It strange because the front barrel in not machined properly to fit the front sight, I'm gonna have to turn a spacer.

To the question. I want to get a 3 lug barrel and sw has them on gb for 65$ are the barrels good? I have read alot of posts about TB and his guns but I just want to know bout the barrel. I really don't want to spend double on one from adam. It's not gonna be a sear gun.
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To be honest, the SW barrel will serve you perfectly well if you don't plan on shooting 10,000 rounds per year.

I would however advise that you consider resale value, and the cost of barrel replacement in the future if you get more serious about shooting a lot. That extra $75 now will pay for itself several times over in the long run.

I would keep my eyes peeled on gunbroker for an HK94 barrel that someone pulled off a HK94 to install an MP5 barrel. Some good deals can be had if you are patient.

Best of luck with the project.
having a hk barrel a TB barrel and a RCM barrel I would say the best value is the RCM barrel. I have bought some TB parts and don't have a problem with them. The RCM barrel just seems to be on par with the HK. I think iti si worth the extra coin.
Thanks guys. 10k a year probably not as I use an AK for 3gun so that and my 2011 is what I use most. Don't plan on selling it so not worried bout resale. I'll probably go the sw route and save the extra dough for ammo for my 1928 build. Thanks
I have one of his bbl's and already spoke with Jeff Walters "gilliebear2000" about it. He stated that TB's bbl's are at times out of spec mainly at the front sight base (may be undersized). The bbl I bought was perfect at the chamber and the 3 lug, but the front sight base is undersized. Jeff also stated that he can make the bbl work with the HK MP5 front sight towers.

I ended up buying a surplus MP5 front end and won't be using the TB bbl along with some other parts I'll be listing for sale here later. I have another MP5 clone (SW5 Jeff built) with a Coharie bbl damn thing runs like a champ. So far I'm happy with my current MP5 clone and can't wait to get the next one built.
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