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SPF USP Expert, USP Elite, USP SS Tactical Clone (all .45 ACP)

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While I don't believe it is possible to have too many USPs, I do have more than I shoot, and have decided to sell one or two:

SPF*****BG USP Elite .45
$1250 + shipping
NIB. Unfired, not dry fired, completely unmolested other than taking pictures and figuratively drooling over. Comes with all original paperwork and goodies, and 2 10-round magazines

KG Stainless USP Tactical Clone in .45
$850 + shipping
Host gun is in used condition. Comes with everything you need to go between full-size and Tactical. Factory stainless. Surprising smooth trigger (for a non-match model) It has some scratches, but functions fine. If you're really picky about condition, this probably isn't the gun for you.

  • Factory stuff: 2 10-round magazines, barrel, recoil spring assembly, gray hard-sided box and paperwork, original sights included (poor cosmetic shape)
    Tactical Stuff: Tactical/match adjustable sights, HK threaded barrel, black o-ring, tactical recoil spring assembly

Not included: Match trigger. I don't believe in changing factory triggers. But any competent shop should be able to put a match trigger in this thing for no problem.

I prefer Bitcoin, but I'll accept pretty much anything but Paypal. (check their user policy if you want to know why)

$60 shipping (per gun) from my FFL to yours. The high(ish) shipping cost reflects the cheapest reasonable way for me to get it to you.

Trade interests:
P7/M8/M13 in good condition with factory box
P227 w/ threaded barrel
Any high-quality target guns


  • If you are interested in a trade, and have less feedback than me, you ship first.
    I have both 12 round mags and 10 round mags. Ask me if you want a substitution.
    I'm happy to take extra pictures if you're seriously interested.
    Know your local laws. I'm not shipping anywhere where any of these are restricted, regardless of what loop hole you think you fit in. Don't ask.


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Bump. Feel free to make an offer.
Bump. Prices lowered on the match clone.
New Mexico
Bump. Match parts are SPF.
Bump. Prices lowered. The Elite is now listed on GB.
Link to the auction?
Link to the auction?
Well, its the only elite on GB right now. I don't know if I'm allowed to post the link...
Bump. Price reduction on the Elite. Would love to sell it here instead of gunbroker.

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Offer sent- I'll take the Elite at $1280 shipped

Payment sent as of 3/3/17
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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