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Stocks, Endcaps and Buffers... OH MY! A little advice needed...

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Stocks, Endcaps and Buffers... OH MY! A little advice needed...

Greetings gentlemen. New owner of a HK-53 from Vector Arms (making it a V-53) here! Paperwork filed by my dealer (where the pistol sits now) for SBR approval. That being in process, I've started collecting parts and questions about stocks for the V-53 and the HK-94/MP-5 I will soon own.

1) My V-53 came as a pistol with a steel end cap with sling loop. There is no buffer in it and no way to mount one as the sling loop is welded to the end cap. I have seen Choate polymer end caps that have an "H Buffer" in them. Do I need this for the '53? Do I need this for an HK-94/MP5?

2) Choate polymer end cap - Is this end cap compatible with both the V-53 and the HK-94/MP-5?

3) A2 Stock with steel backplate - Is this stock compatible with both the V-53 and the HK-94/MP-5?

4) A2 Stock with all plastic (all-in-one backplate and stock) - Is this stock compatible with both the V-53 and the HK-94/MP-5?

4a) What does the above stock use for a buffer system?

5) A3 Retractable stocks - Are these stocks compatible with both the V-53 and the HK-94/MP-5?

6) Do "H Buffers" need to serviced or replaced?

7) Do the mechanical buffers in the fixed and collapsable stocks need to be serviced or replaced? If so, how can you tell?

The pistol is with my dealer so no need to warn me about "constructive intent". Thanks.
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Did I post this in the wrong section?
Probably get more replies in the clone section.
1. The V53s came with a buffer in the carrier. This is a half moon looking protrusion on the right side of the firing pin looking at the back side of the carrier. The H buffer is for pistol calibers only. The 5.56 will kill it very quickly. The H buffer is only used on the endcaps and A3 stocks for MP series of guns.
2. ???????????
3. A3 stock w/steel backplate is for HK94/MP5
4. I have been told this stock can be used either with the 53 or MP5.
4a. The 53 must have the buffered carrier when using this stock.
5. The A3 stocks for the V53 have a mechanical buffer or no buffer--depending on whether a buffered carrier is used. The MP5 has the H buffer. They are different stocks.
6. Yes, but they last a while.
7. Never seen a mechanical buffer go bad.
Okay, wow. That's some great information. Thanks I appreciate it greatly The Crow!

Good info from The Crow. Additionally, those buffers in the carrier are not to cushion the recoil for the shooter. They keep the stock from cracking. H buffers for the MP5 come in two colors. Factory HK ones are typically clear smoke color. The ones from Choate are usually black. Choate will replace theirs cheap or for free.

Most of the buffered carriers that I've seen for the 53 or 33 are HK carriers from parts kits. They work fine with unbuffered MP5 stocks.

They can also work fine with the HK33/53 A2 stocks with the little flat disc in them. My 53 does not like that little disc thing though. Makes it recoil too fast and causes some sort of excessive bolt bounce in full auto, so I use the MP5 unbuffered stock with the buffered carrier. I also have an unbuffered 53 carrier to use the factory A3 stock with a buffer.

You can remove that buffer in the 53 carrier, but you'll need a vice and patience.
Okay, thanks retrodog. Interesting to note that none of the places that typically sell HK parts and have '53 bolts, have buffered bolts.
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