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...stopped in to check on FFL fees...unbelievable!

1757 Views 11 Replies 9 Participants Last post by  eltuito I'm leaning on the glass display case at the local gun shop to see if they could help me out with all the shipping crap 'cause I wanted a brand (HK) that they didn't problem, $25 bucks, good background check--ship it in. After 10 minutes gathering the info, I look down through the glass and realize I've been standing over a German P30 40 S&W LEM on consignment; it was the odd ball in the case surrounded by Glocks & Sigs. Please, just slap me upside the head with it. The piece was FLAWLESS. Asked about the round count 'cause the mags didn't have a scrape; gunnie said "probably a couple boxes". want $789....will you take Seven. Gunnie says "let me check".......SOLD! Proving once again that even a blind squirrel can find a nut!
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