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Stupid CAN be fixed - failure to feed on 40Expert

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I was thinking about something else when I loaded 9mm rounds into my 40 Expert. Shot a couple before I realized what was going on. Since then I have had a recurring problem with the last round in the magazine failing to go into battery. I tried cleaning thoroughly including the extractor and this has not solved the problem. It is otherwise functioning normally up to that last round. Did I break something? Time for a visit to the gunsmith?
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It fired accurately, hit the target squarely, but did not eject. Neither did it feed the next round. It did not jam on the next round. So I don't think the slide move much at all. When I moved the slide by hand, the casing was still in battery and ejected OK. The casing had neatly expanded to the diameter of the chamber.

I'm thinking I must have damaged the extractor. Where can I get a new one? Any trick to installing it?
Thanks Chad, I think this is worth a shot. Do you push the pin from the inside of the slide out through the top?

I have seen others with this kind of issue in this forum and many have suggested that the problem was with the magazine. However, no matter which magazine I use from my collection, I get the same behavior. So, it will probably be less of a pain to order this part and try it than to send the whole piece to H&K for repair.
Brilliant! and thanks for pointing out the tit!
I agree Chad, that will be the process. From another post, I am aware that this may not fix it. I am in no hurry though. Shot it in a little club action pistol competition this morning. It works fine as long as you don't get down to the last round in the magazine.
Thanks for asking Bordercop - The round is stripped off of the magazine, but the nose of the round is lodged in the upper portion of end of the chamber. The slide clamps the nose of the round against the top of the entrance to the chamber holding it at about a 45 degree angle pointing upward.

The slide is not locked back because the last round did not fire. The magazine is always firmly in place. I have to release the magazine and rack the slide to clear the jam.

So, are you saying that removing a roll pin deforms it?
Good News Y'all!
I did some deep cleaning of the feed ramp - really getting it slick and all around the entrance to the chamber. This fixed it. I just cycled about 25 mag changes with 5 to 10 rounds each without a single fail to feed or fail to anything. If anyone's faith in H&K ever faded over this odd scenario, it should now be restored!!

A little more bad behavior occurred after I thought it had been fixed. I replaced the extractor and gave all of the mag springs a stretch to increase their stiffness. Now, the problem seems to be solved. Apparently, the mag springs for these semi-transparent plastic mags can be a bit weak and need a stretch from time to time.
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