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I wasnt entirely sure this was going to work.... but I wanted a way to mount a 628 on a MKE and still be able to suppress it.

Tax stamp came back today (applied in May 2016 -___- ) and the simple version is - THIS WORKS!!!!!

If anyone wants the info it is:

-Surefire 628
-Silencerco Osprey 9mm
-Surefire LM1-A

Its pictured next to my .22 Walther conversion... everything pictured is 10000000% legal and tax stamped (both guns)

Gun Firearm Trigger Air gun Airsoft gun
Gun Firearm Rifle Assault rifle Trigger
Firearm Gun Trigger Assault rifle Machine gun
Firearm Gun Trigger Assault rifle Rifle
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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