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suppressor for tri lug and threaded barrel?

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who makes the best suppressor that has a tri lug adapter AND threaded adapter?


if so who sells such adapters?? the swr sght doesnt say much

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hmmm...arent swr suppressors better?
not if you can't get the mount. I've fount that with a number of the makers, they list lots of adapters, but they aren't in stock. When you ask they say we have to wait until we get X orders then we will make them.

I'm not going to order a can on the HOPE that perhaps some day in the future they will make an adapter for my application.
I'm using the SWR Octane with a 3 Lug for the MP5 as well as a threaded piston for a handgun. It's still a relatively new can and when you factor in that they were recently bought out by Silencerco (and moved in with them), it is easy to see there may be some issues with production scheduling. I think that things will get better. There just doesn't seem to be a lot of Octanes in peoples' hands just yet (and keep in mind the Trident is discontinued).

Must be a hard thing to gauge for a suppressor manufacturer; if you have 700 cans on the market, do you go and produce 700 of every type of mount for it? That seems a bit risky in regards to sinking money into the inventory (material and labor costs) b/c you are assuming that everyone is going to want every type of mount.

I have an extra 3 lug mount and didn't know that they were considered rare or hard to find. I'll keep that in mind when taking it to market.

They do exist! Dabbling with new model suppressors and mounts requires a bit of patience, but then again, so does a Form 4!

FYI-One thing that I've found with this multiple-mount system is that after using the can on the MP5, the booster housing gets so fouled up with carbon that you will need to clean it (or scrape it out) in order to get the threaded piston to clear the inside walls of the housing. This can be a pain. My solution is to simply shoot it on the handgun first and then move it to the MP5.
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Who makes a suppressor for .45 that would also work for a 9? I really want a .45 suppressor but only have one .45. I have lots of 9's.
Who makes a suppressor for .45 that would also work for a 9? I really want a .45 suppressor but only have one .45. I have lots of 9's.
45 with a tri-lug option.... none that I know of.
im going to try and get in line for a octane hd gen 2 after doing my research :D
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