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I have heard that some Tier One groups may be running The Surefire FA556-212 on the shorty 416 but before I dump several grand into my next SBR project, I was wondering if anyone has first-hand experience with this set-up;

Hoping to buy a 10.39" 416 upper and use with a FA556-212 (with FA556-212A) and run Federal 62gr. SOST ammo thru it. Since the 416 has no provision for suppressed fire I wanted to know if anyone has BTDT. This is planned for semi-auto fire only.


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Do NOT run frangible ammo.

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I am planning on buying a factory 10.4" 416 upper from HK PARTS.NET if they ever get them in stock again...will that include the right connector, or is that a lower receiver part?

I think MOA is referring to these:
Flash Hiders / Suppressor Adapters

Some only work with one type of can; others can work with several types. And obviously some won't work with the shorter barrel or standard AR (1/2-28) threading.
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