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Talk me out of buying this P7M10 (Electroless Nickel) for $1800

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Ever see a gun for sale and can't get it out of your head until you buy it?

Ok - I own three HK's already. A USP (.40) and P30 9mm, and a P7 PSP. For the last 20 years I have dreamed of owning a P7M10, but always felt the price was hard to justify as most examples I've seen were in the $2000-2500 range depending on condition.

Last week I found a local sale for a very clean P7M10 in Electroless Nickel for $1800, no box, one original mag. Its obvious it has not been shot much based on the age/condition.

I have had a P7 PSP for a while, and love it. So Im not a newb when it comes to these guns.

One half of my brain says - buy it !! I will never find another one this cheap again....if I shoot it and absolutely hate it, I could always get my money a hundred bucks or so.

More practical side of the brain says - already have 12 nice pistols (Sig-Sauer, Walther, HK, Glock) why are you even considering buying this? Its a big chunky .40 with $100 magazines.

Honestly the excitement of owning this is winning because its always been the 'holy grail' for me. I am really leaning towards getting it and getting this out of my system.

What say you?

(you know I'm probably going to get it anyways - just wanted to see what you guys thought)
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This sounds like the beginning of an HK addiction. If that's the case then you are in the wrong place if you're looking for advice on how to overcome it. On that you've stated, you have nothing to lose. You either buy it at a price you'll never see again and love it or you'll buy it, hate it, sell it and make a buck or two. Either way you'll have the monkey (P7M10 monkey because there will be another one shortly) off of your back. Enjoy your new pistol.
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