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For those in the Michigan area looking for a comprehensive three day training course that, through a series of purposely designed and stacked skill drills, rapidly builds your confidence, performance and proficiency with the pistol and sub-machinegun, hosted by Spectacle Lake Outdoor Gun Club from 16-18 June 2017.

I'm honored to announce that Dakota Tactical will be sponsoring this event. Beyond the training course itself, Joe will be providing several bonus activities, which will include hands-on live fire demos of Heckler & Koch and Dakota Tactical weapons systems featuring B&T and Silencerco silencers.

A select number of post-sample Heckler and Koch sub-machineguns, from Teufelshund Tactical, are also available for rent on a "first come, first serve" basis.

For those wondering what makes Teufelshund Tactical so unique, I recommend you read through this post:

And for those wanting to see what the training is all about and review feedback from previous student attendance, I recommend you read through the post below, as well as others found in my Vendor Section:

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