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If you are looking for solid training to increase your efficiency and effectiveness with the MP5 platform, then sign up for the MP5 Operator course with James Williamson and Teufelshund Tactical! I recently attended this course and I wholeheartedly recommend you do the same.

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A more complete review is further below ...

I am a veteran, an NRA RSO, a USPSA RO, I have been shooting since I was a kid, and I shoot regularly with multiple weapon types; occasionally competing the last two years in local steel shoots, USPSA, Steel Challenge, and 3-Gun. Last year I started bringing my SBR'd Zenith Z-5P to some local matches that allowed Pistol Caliber Carbine, and I did OK while having fun and avoiding DQs. Regardless of my own experience, live and dry fire practice, I was interested in learning proper MP5 technique from an expert on the platform, particularly so I could find efficiencies for managing reloads & malfunctions that would benefit competitive shooting, but also gain knowledge and confidence that would translate to home defense situations. There's only so much you can learn from watching "Die Hard" and YouTube operators, right?

Over the course of several long & challenging days, Teufelshund Tactical's James Williamson, with the help of assistant instructor Ben Bergamini, provided safe, clear, expert level instruction in the use of the MP5; pushing me beyond levels I thought I could be capable of in such a short time. Their basic course includes a full preparatory Day 1 of pistol instruction to reinforce shooting fundamentals that build speed & handling confidence critical to later rapid transitions from MP5 to pistol. With my VP9, I regularly dry fire, shoot steel, run & gun, practice reloads, and shoot plenty of Frank Garcia's dots, yet, I learned a few new things during Day 1. James let my trigger finger and grip hot spots cool down a bit for the morning of Day 2; sharing a fantastic assortment of HK and MP5 history, as well as certified HK armorer knowledge that included full teardown and maintenance tips. HK fans and MP5 geeks should love this, I know I did, and now I also know what I need to keep handy for field repairs. The second part of Day 2 replicated the prior day's fundamentals, but applied to the MP5, and introduced burst and full auto usage, hell yeah. Before instruction from James and Ben, I generally considered burst and full auto as suppressive fire or ammo wasting options, but this course and its drills convinced me that I can quickly put 30 rounds effectively on target when I need to. I was already saving for full auto fun, but looks like I REALLY need to save & shop for MP5 select fire options now! Day 3 was both distance and closeup work, which included 50, 100, 200, and holy cow 300 yard shots on steel via MP5, followed by a ton of movement, reload, malfunction, and weapon transition drills at short range. I got some pats on the back as I progressed quickly and performed OK, but the instructors consistently provided constructive feedback, too; calling out in a timely manner where and how I could have done better. So much training is "my way or the highway" but James was careful to explain the WHY behind his instructions, to point out multiple options where appropriate, and he allowed me the time to try those options in multiple drills, to find out which techniques would work best for me. Each day began with a safety briefing. Every drill was clearly explained, with demonstrations performed by James or Ben. The last part of each day included mentally and physically challenging cumulative exercises, that put the day's instructions all to work, all at once, followed by thoughtful reflection and commentary from all participants via end-of-day after action briefings. James and Ben requested and welcomed criticism.

At the end of 3 days, I was tired, sore, a bit stiff, with a few self-inflicted cuts and bruises even, but my understanding of and confidence with the MP5 is now a world apart from my prior knowledge and ability. James and Ben kept us busy pretty much the whole time, from morning until sunset, drill after drill after drill. With the exception of mid-day opportunities to wolf down a sandwich, hit the can, and crack a joke or two, we only had breaks to reload mags (and drink water)--then we were back at it. I am in decent shape, I run several times a week, and I still ended up catching my breath after a bunch of the drills. Mind you, there was no intentional PT to prove how much softer I am than James, but I definitely got enough of a workout each day that I skipped a few of my morning runs.

There were a few hidden gems with this course! Without my own full auto MP5, I picked an "arrive & drive" option for the course, and so did one of my compadres, which meant while James and Ben were cleaning our rented weapons each late evening, my shooting buddy and I were out eating North Carolina BBQ or hitting up a decent steak joint. James even pre-ordered ammunition for us at cost, so I didn't have to heft and haul 4000 rounds to NC. Beyond that convenience, I truly appreciated the time and energy James and Ben put in to sharing their knowledge, with great attention to detail and true professionalism. Case in point: A few attendees cancelled, leaving just four confirmed students, and instead of calling off the event or saying it wasn't worth their time, James and Ben stayed on target, kept the date, and delivered solid 1 on 2 instructor to student ratio training. The no-frills graduation at the end of Day 3 with certificates of completion and an armload of HK freebies was a nice touch, too.

I flove good training and how it can properly instruct and motivate you for what is to come. The MP5 Operator course from Teufelshund Tactical is some of the best training I've consumed. These guys are super passionate about what they do and their roles in the community of HK and MP5 enthusiasts. I am looking forward to putting in more practice reps, building on what I have learned, and I am certain I will be going back to Teufelshund Tactical for advanced training when I am ready to get schooled again. Thanks James and Ben for an amazing & insightful weekend, and for continuing to do what you do.

I will keep saying it out loud this Summer ... Off, Back, On, Forward!

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Thanks so much, Beetle, for taking the time to share your feedback on the course with the guys here on HK Pro. It shows the value of committing to training and I was proud to both be able to share the information and training with you and see you progress in performance and proficiency on the already solid base of experience you had.
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