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I appreciate all the info on SR9 rifles. I am waiting to get the one I am looking at.

A lot of interesting information . A lot of knowledge here.

I will summarize what I understand about these great guns.

1).They were brought to US as SR9's and some of them became T and TC models.
2). All T models had a PSG1 parts equipped lower and an upgraded target stock.
3). All TC models had PSG1 parts equipped lower and PSG1 stock.
4). There is a rumor that SOME T or TC models did not get stamped and remained just SR9 on the receiver.
5).SR9's that were not T or TC were sold with different types of thumbhole stocks (HK's and Bell and Carlson) All had a forearm that could not accept a bipod.
6).Without having some kind of a record or evidence ( factory letter, original box with label, etc) Unless the date codes on parts just don't add up , we can NOT KNOW for sure in what configuration a particular rifle was sold new. We can only speculate.
7).SR9's that have T or TC features on them but are no stamped T or TC still are valued higher than SR9's without those features just due to the cost of the parts.
8). HK Claw mount is the best way to mount a scope on those guns.
9). It is not legal according to 922r to change the configuration on SR9 (unless X amount of US parts are used , but it is legal own one that already was changed before one buys it.
10). SR9 is basically another version of HK91.

Did I get it right?

Here is the gun I will more like end up with :

Under 200 serial number range.
Was shipped to HK from Germany in November of 1990.
TC configuration but not marked as such.
Has an HK G41 hand guard .(forearm)
PSG1 stock is marked 4IJ (1989)
5 round magazine
1990 dated owners manual and warranty card . Manual has PSG1 trigger warning sticker but is not numbered to the gun anywhere.
Has some kind of a clip on shell deflector ( same color as the gun) .
Looks like new .

I will just accept it for what it , since HK does not have any records. Just that it was shipped to them in Nov. 1990.

Hope I get it soon!
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