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Yes, you're reading the title correctly! I have posted a vintage test video of the G36 firing 900 rounds in under 3 minutes and it can be found here: This is a unicorn rare video!

This deserves a permanent spot on HKpro among the other videos I’ve been able post.

All I will comment on is that I don’t see a catastrophic failure that would result in the rifle from firing again, which is unlike many other examples of M16 and M4 I’ve seen with a similar test being conducted.

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I believe what Robert Hirt (the shooter) says in German indicates that it is the same rifle, but you can visibly see that the hand guard is in bad shape.

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This is probably the worst swabian accent I have ever heard, I'll try anyway:

0:00 - 0:05 Hirt: "G36 No. 205 fire to destruction."
0:09 - 0:09 Backround: "Slow down Robert, everybody wants to attend."
0:10 - 0:25 Discussion on how to hold the rifle.
0:32 "Open fire, or?!"
0:33 "Attention!" (brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr commences)
0:40 - 0:50 Backround: "The ejection is flawless" (Note the guy in the backround, totally exited about the trajectory of the empty shells)
1:29 "The fourth one? Yes"
1:45 "Be careful, the gas block is getting red."
2:00 "600, yes? Yes!"
2:13 "Now its getting hot. 700? Yes!"
2:33 "We've done it, now it burns."
2:35 "I owe you a beer (?)"
2:37 Hirt: "The bolt hold open doesn't work anymore."
2:41 Hirt: "Let's shoot some more?" (Literally: Shall we throw out some more?)
2:44 "Better take care!"
2:55 "Throw it away, stop it!"
2:59 Hirt: "Do you have one more?"
3:03 -3:08 "How many? 800! But be careful!"
3:08 Hirt: "One more!"
3:17 "Throw it away, now! Throw it away, NOW!"
3:24 "Well done!"
3:27 "Lick my ass"
3:29 Hirt: "205 after 900 rounds sustained fire one magazine 30 rounds. Bolt hold open works, wicked! It works! G36 205 after 900 rounds one magazine 30 rounds runs without complaints."
3:53 Hirt: "GEIL!"

There is a lot more going on there, I can't make it all out. The atmosphere is very relaxed and casual. They all address each other informally.

Noteworthy: Hirt uses an antiquated term for the bolt hold open. He uses Kammerfang instead of the more modern Verschlussfang.

Holy G36 meltdown!!! That’s impressive to see a G36 go through 900 rounds so quickly. I would have thought the gas system would have given out after that last drum mag. Thanks for sharing!

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My favorite part is when the hand-guard catches fire, the guy behind Mr. Hirt tries to blow them out by fanning them lightly with his paperwork. Can't say I've ever seen someone shooting a rifle that's actually on fire!

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What's more impressive...... They found 9 beta mags that ran with out issues.

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Now what I really want to see is a similar test on the HK416. Since they have a similar gas system, it would be awesome to see how many rounds could be fired before failure is reached.
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